22 Monotypes Etchings. A soundtrack. A scent.

This project is special to us because it speaks to the gothic, poetic, and melancholic daydreamer inside of us. Originally, Monuments of the Memory is Paolo Canevari’s monochromatic abstract series of paintings. Together, we conceived of (a melody of) monotype etchings deriving from it, now part of a new body of work by the Italian artist. 

Each of the 22 aquatint etching is composed of a number of seven different shapes, appearing on paper with the most intense and full shade of black there is. The work, though all in contrasts, touches all the nuances and contradictions we can, one day, face. It is then our decision, as viewer, to either make sure the shapes don’t dissolve in one another, or to happily let go and let blur take over. Monuments of the Memory is dense, rich, inviting and strange, and the world it depicts is black. And, blissfully in the greys too. 

We wanted to create a different kind of experience for the viewers. One where they could fully be absorbed by everything that once was, all that could soon be. We decided to build a world where your senses wouldn’t be your way out, but instead, your way within. That’s when French composer Christine Webster joined us, and imagined a soundtrack inspired by the works. Then, well, we had to have a scent. And we designed one that would capture you even more. 

Last but not least… Our dear friends Carol and Felix (aka Harlan & Weaver) opened up their studio, and offered the project all their care and knowledge for the prints to be masterfully produced by Johee Kim.




An artist's book. Two songs. A music video/book trailer

Maripola X is an invitation to Maripol’s kaleidoscopic creative heart. This project, the company’s first, is all about self-discovery, friendship, and dare. As Maripol said it, « I would never have published such personal work had Adele Jancovici not been such a close and trusted friend. » This friendship allowed us to be presented to the most intimate and private boxes of the artist’s studio: her collection of erotic polaroid photos and lots and lots of poetic diaries. Our project was born. 

Alongside, we worked on re-composing the story of her youth, where love, playfulness, and hope were so strongly pursued. A lot of hours were spent negotiating on which images would find their way inside the pages, and long afternoons on deconstructing the original structure of the poetry in order to give it a more contemporary and spoken-like rhythm. 

This allowed for a wonderful surprise, which then became another component of the X adventure. On the day they met, Leonard Lasry, a close friend, read the poems and offered Maripol to write songs based of her words. That’s how we recorded Maripola X Songs. Soon after, we reached out to another precious and very talented friend, Thalia Mavros. It only took her half a Bloody Mary to say yes, and so, she created and directed a book-trailer/music video. We were on fire. 

And with yet another incredible friendship, that of Jennifer Baker, it received the support of Marc Jacobs to launch in five cities over the world. So our initial crazy idea of publishing X-rated content took us to Bookmarc Tokyo, London, LA, New York and Paris. Not too bad, we all think  : )