Well hello there.

We are an art publishing company. That means, we collaborate with artists to create editions of artworks. We start with an idea, a thought, and develop it until it becomes a piece you can add to your art collection. And an artwork can feel lonely at times. So we conceive multi-sensorial environments for the artwork. Our projects become complex little worlds, composed of various planets, all connected. We invite in composers, video directors, olfactory studios, and many other imaginative individuals. Together, we invent and create ways in which you can experience art differently. We also select for you artworks we didn't produce, and love nonetheless. Pieces we think could enrich your collection, and your life. It’s as simple as that, you pretty face. 

Adèle Jancovici created the company in NYC back in August 2011.  She is a writer and curator, with a distinct taste for irreverent wording. 

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